Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Twitter Tracking Your Links? Entrecard's New Policy...

Entrecard is now changing their current policy starting September 1, 2009. Entrecard bloggers will no longer receive credit for drops they receive from other members. In other words, having an Entrecard widget in a prominent location on your blog really earns you nothing but the right to be an Entrecard member. For sites without a lot of ad purchasers, in order to receive "Entrecard Credits" (or EC), users must either buy them from Entrecard or spend a few minutes each day dropping on other blogs. They can also provide services in the "Entrecard Market" in return for credits. But, having a high traffic blog with a widget, no longer earns you any credits, even if you are helping the network more then a blog that gets 5 visitors a day. It appears that they are now running out of operating cash and this is their solution to what they call "Entrecard credit inflation". Now I feel like a sucker for spending $50 on 10,000 credits the other day. If they need money to operate, they could charge a small yearly fee (say $10 or $15 per year) for the right to use entrecard. I am not sure that the people who run the whole Entrecard operation are the most business savvy people, as this new policy may soon be the death of Entrecard. Bloggers have absolutely no incentive to keep their Entrecard widgets on their blogs now. Why would you put your Entrecard widget at the top of your high traffic blog if there in no incentive to do so. Sure clicks to other sites may help you get repeat advertising buyers. However, with less credits on the open market, the less that bloggers are going to be inclined to purchase ads on other sites. The whole idea of visiting other blogs for payment or other ads doesn't really work. What's the point of have a boat load of traffic that has no interest in your content at all. This is why I usually only advertise on other Entrecard blogs in the same genre. I have also been reading about Entrecard banning people for no reason at all and for speaking out against Entrecard (i.e., all the "Entrecard Sucks" blog posts). Hopefully, this post doesn't warrant a ban from the infamous Entrecard. I will definitely let you all know if it does. I see Entrecard falling deeper and deeper into obscurity if they keep this up. I currently have Entrecard on all my blogs. However, the Entrecard widget will be lowered on all my blogs. As for this blog, the widget will stay at the bottom of my sidebar, unless this new policy beings to hurt my overall traffic. If that happens, I see no point at all in using Entrecard at all anymore. This blog is a new blog, so I don't have a whole lot of traffic to begin with. But, I always prefer organic traffic anyway.

As for Twitter, the popular social messaging service was down with an outage for a few hours yesterday. Oh no, what will Ohco Cinco and Terrell Owens do for their own personal amusement. Are multi-million dollar athletes really that bored that they spend their free time Twittering all day. I am not complaining. I just find it rather amusing. Anyway, Twitter was down for a few hours. Right before they went down, I noticed that a lot of the links on people's Twitter profiles had tracking URL's attached to them. The linked URL's were being automatically modified. I thought that maybe the actual users were doing this to their own links. But, I added my own shortened URL link and what do you know, a tracking URL was automatically attached to it (making it no longer a shortened URL, LOL). I don't know if they were testing out some type of system that tracks the clicks on your links or what. But, they were definitely doing something. Perhaps this is what caused the Twitter outage yesterday, because right after I noticed the tracking links, Twitter immediately went down for a few hours.

Anyway, I just thought that I would provide you all with an update on what I have noticed from Twitter and Entrecard. Thanks you for reading as usual. I will monitor both situations and keep my readers apprised. If anyone has any questions or comments, feel free to post or let me know by email. (mysportsmarket[(at)] If any new or novice webmasters have and general marketing questions or otherwise, please feel free to ask. I am always delighted to provide assistance.

Enjoy your day...



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