Sunday, August 30, 2009

Important Factor in Promoting Affiliate Programs; Diversification

The other day I was talking to another website owner / affiliate about how his commission check from one of his affiliate programs was a late. He told me that his check was over four weeks late. I understand his pain as no webmaster likes waiting for late payments. This affiliate was in a state of panic because of this late payment. The reason he was in such a panic was because this was one of his top fact, it was his only program where he was receiving any substantial revenue. He said that he was promoting this casino more then any other affiliate program and that his websites had more ads from them then any other advertiser. The reason he said he was doing this was because he found that program to be the most productive and profitable for him. I explained to him that it is great that he is heavily promoting his top program and making money from them. What I also told him, was that he needed to start diversifying and spreading his materials and traffic around to other affiliate programs...even the ones he finds a little less efficient in converting players. Because this affiliate failed to diversify his affiliate advertising, he was basically being controlled by this one company. A lack of diversity with your advertisements can really cause extreme headaches for website owners and affiliates. When promoting sportsbooks and casinos, you should always make sure to promote at least four or five quality programs at a decent volume. Don't just flood your sites with creatives from one sportsbook, casino, or whatever else you may promote. The reason it's important to do this is to prevent what was happening to my colleague. If you are only in receiving substantial commission checks from one single program, a late payment can really make your life miserable. Also, if something were to happen to that affiliate program, not only will your regular income be seriously affected, you will also have two spend days, even weeks, replacing the creatives on your website with one's from other partnerships. So, always make sure to find a few quality programs that have good conversion rates along with quality service and spread them out equally throughout your websites. Sure, everyone has a favorite affiliate partnership that they like to promote. It's OK to promote one company slightly the more then another, but make sure you give all your partnerships a sufficient amount of promotion and traffic, or you will find yourself in a serious jam if things happen to go south with your one top program. I hope you guys will take this advice into consideration when promoting affiliate partnerships on your websites and sending your valuable traffic to your partners.

Best of luck with your websites!


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